® – Cellulo-Spiritual Rejuvenation


Harnessing essential organic elements in conjunction with natural Planetary Harmonics and frequencies for Whole body Energy Balancing, releasing our innate healing abilities and divinely intelligent restorative processes. Creating the optimum environment for our internal energetic communication . Enhancing the very pulse of the personal built in Wellness mechanism for our Physical and Metaphysical body.

How The LightSeeding Method works!

Rehydrating, Remineralising and Re-Booting the ENTIRE physical and metaphysical being. Bringing back the Vibration of health to the whole and complete body.

Everything in life which comes from our God/Source is comprised of and begins as energy. This means everything has a unique frequency with literally Trillions of frequencies making up our seen and unseen world culminating for us in these amazing highly tuned bodies we often take for granted. In the body just like with everything else in this life, “it’s all about communication”, without it little can occur.

Communication in the body happens on at least five distinct levels, Subatomic, Atomic, Molecular, Cellular and Tissue/Organs. Lightseeding® assists the body in opening its divine communication pathways and help it on its way back to the original Divine blueprint. With our customized mind, body and spirit protocols, the body detoxifies itself naturally, purging carcinogens and pathogens while being freed up to efficiently take up essential trace minerals and water, setting the innate processes back in the mode of rejuvenation and repair, from a depressed state of dis-equillibrium and dis-ease.

While assisting in balancing the bodies cellular resonance and conductance, LightSeeding® practitioners assure the body also receives the highest grade 84 essential and trace mineral supplementation and highly alkaline, ionic water. Beautiful Light drenched Alkaline Water made with a touch of sacred science and the powerful essence of the divine.



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