LIGHTSEEDING® Practitioners

Tzu Xander – QLD, Australia

Grand Knight @ Kingdom of Manna. Founding Minister & Spiritual Overseer @ Path of Divine Restoration “PoDR”,  Licensed Doctor of Pastoral Medicine www.pmai.us

Utilizing Natural Holistic Body, Mind and Spiritual techniques for teaching of Full spectrum Holistic Healing. Specializing in Education and Practice of Natural Prevention and Control of Disease. Holds a doctorate in Philosophy / Natural Traditional Medicines and Divinity from the Pan American University of Natural Medicine and Sciences.
Part urban Shaman part Monastic Doctor and Spiritual Minister, Tzu is a former professional Athlete and between 1988-1992 was 4 X Australian Champion in Beach Volleyball. After a serious auto accident and three life altering back surgeries took him from his Professional and Olympic Aspirations, he has learned out of personal necessity an array of tools for optimum mental, physical and spiritual health and healing.
Embracing powerful Ancient methodologies and modern teachings in the Healing arts, Tzu studied with cutting edge Healers in their field while developing his own methods and practices. These ranging from Neuro Muscular Rehabilitation through to various prevention and control of disease techniques. While schooled in various forms of Athletic training, sports performance, and Life Coaching, Specialising in counseling and the facilitating of powerful pain and Stress reducing technologies, in a Unique and powerful blend of mind, body, spirit.


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