90 Days to rejuvenation (Image under Kirlian photography.)


For over 10 years this person had been off work, using a multitude of prescription drugs daily and had been diagnosed by her GP with various Autoimmune disorders including fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus and RA.  She had also been under the doctors knife over a dozen separate times.The Dull lifeless Image on the LEFT Reflects her state of health before starting the process. The rejuvenated and vibrant Image on the right is her 90days later.  Speaks Volumes.!Sadly in this energy sapping world we are moving around in a state of dis-ease within our own being. We all are hit by our phones, Waterbeds, Bedside digital Clocks, T.Vs, PDA’s, Computers, WiFi which operate at damaging frequencies of around 50-60Hz and the list goes on. On top of that our diets are poor in nutritional value and approximately 70+% of humans are dehydrated. Add in, frenetic life stresses,  proliferations of bacteria, parasites, Virus’s, heavy metals, fungi, spores, moulds, vaccinations stressors and the list goes on. No wonder our health is challenged, right?


Immediate Relief for 3 Days. I applied the 20 minute program to a 1/4 liter glass of purified water and gave it to my Rhumatoid Arthritis Patient at my practice. She reported almost instant relief for the next 3 days from that one glass. I need to use this more in my practice.

Dr. J. L,  Shearwater TAS, Australia

Surprised how Quickly it worked. I had an abscess in my mouth from a rear molar for nearly two weeks when i began using the HELIOS Unit. A couple of sessions later my mouth was completely healed. Amazing and Deeply Appreciated.  With the germicidal and viruscidal qualities of this,  I’ll be buying my own HELIOS Unit as soon as you get the new delivery.

Abbey – Forth TAS, Australia

No Words for my Gratitude. Dear Stu & Nel, My health has shifted like i would never have expected which seems to have rolled over into all areas of my life thanks to your gentle help and Lightseeding.  Words seem inadequate to convey my deepest gratitude to you both. But may the love behind them leap from the page and shower you both with blessings. Namaste’

Fi – Sunshine Coast QLD Australia.

Energy to Burn and 27yr Old Skin Condition Gone.
I had been feeling lethargic and unwell for quite some time and began researching different and more natural techniques. It was suggested in a short interaction with one of the PODR team that I might try one of the hydrogen peroxide therapies recommended on the PODR site. Without being able to get the general swabs done initially , I thought this might be a good path. The Dose is increased each day, which I must admit I found difficult to continue at first. However within the first few days I found I had much more energy, this was coupled with a few episodes of nausea and headaches. (I had read the information beforehand and these were expected and therefore not alarming). I persevered and stuck to the advice of the program and I found my energy levels continued rising and also as another benefit, a skin condition I had had for 27yrs also cleared up! No more steroid creams or drugs for that. I am now on the maintenance dose of a few drops 3 x week and have continued to feel healthier, more alert, energetic and am sleeping better than I have in years, thank you.

Dave – Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

Thanks For Saving My Life. I read through the original test readings and OH MY GOD!! That’s crazy, I was half dead or definitely on my way to being fully dead. I really have to thank you for saving my life! If I had kept going like that I wouldn’t be here now. So thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a real friend and a true healer. So, given the health picture from the test results, we’re all geared up to make big changes now. It’s very supportive to have a partner on the same track and it makes it much easier to stay on it. It’s amazing what can be done with this protocol in even a period of three months. I really get this on a profound level now. I deeply understand how powerful it is and why it is so important for this to be shared on a global scale. It is the best example of “hope” in the true physical healing sense that I know of. How lucky for me to have experienced that, thanks to your work. It has really expanded my belief in what is possible when the truth is the driving force behind an idea put into practice. It’s got me thinking about the power of what a real contribution to humanity means. It’s a big purpose, everything else seems trivial when you put it the right perspective.

C F. – Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

Sincere Thanks from Father and SON. “Just a follow up email to the testimonial I just sent – I want to thank you so much for your time, you really are an awesome human being, and it was great to see you again. Hope all is well, and I will highly value any time I get to spend with you in the future”.   Take care, DW.

I’ve  had significant balance and back problems since I was a child. I have had two back surgeries and seen numerous therapists and specialists for many years, but have never received any measurable pain relief or long-term benefits from anything I have done. I initially met with Stuart Jemesen about three years ago, and have recently taken my son to see him, who trains as an elite athlete.  Stuart, as both a practitioner and a person, is absolutely first class. He is knowledgable, caring and has a wholistic, individualistic approach to his work. The Egoscue stretching, massage techniques and excercises he took us through have had significant long and short term benefits for both myself and my son. I would have no hesitation recommending you and your techniques to anyone suffering health problems.

DW and DJW – Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

Heavy Metals Gone. About twelve months ago I was having troubles sleeping, feeling very lethargic during the day and headaches all too often. I was tested with full blood work and toxicity test and given a positive confirmation of the heavy metals Mercury, Cadmium and Lead in my system. it also appeared I was very mineral deficient. I was a bit surprised by that and I’ve since had my mercury fillings out and wanted to find a natural way to get the heavy metals out of my body. Thanks to the PODR Lightseeding i was able to detox quickly and efficiently and within 5 weeks had no more sign of heavy metals once retesting. I’m also keeping my organic minerals and PODR water up and have noticed a major difference in my energy levels. Oh and I’m sleeping much more soundly too.. I’ll be recommending my family do the same.

SJ – Los Angeles, California

Prostate Cancer About twelve weeks ago I was diagnosed from a  biopsy with malignant Prostate Cancer and my whole life stood still for I wasn’t even feeling sick or unwell at all…The doctor wanted to begin prepping me for radiation therapy. I went along with it feeling a bit stunned initially and told them I was a hippy from the old school and would go and find a natural way to overome this. I’d begun juicing etc and reading lots of material when i was introduced to a form of treatment based in very simple ideals.
1. Proper Hydration 2. Remineralising the body at a cellular level 3.Re Energizing and detoxing the body with the PODR NRG Field. Called Lightseeding. Over a (10) ten week period doing the Lightseeding process I have healed my own prostate Cancer. Also my Pituatary was working at about 20% before beginning and has come back to 100%. I have also cleared myself of Parasites, heavy metals, bacteria and yeast all at very high toxic levels before beginning and now readings are all at zero toxicity. Thank you so much for all your help.

TM – Gleniffer NSW, Australia

Much Better Thank you. I have been partaking of the water sacrament daily. it has brought clarity of thought, eased my anxiety levels, with much better sleep. Whew what a relief.  I was quite shocked to get such immediate evidence. I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve been trying to get my daughter to partake as well and finally got her to after adding a little lemon. Keep you posted.  :-)

AC – Promised Land, NSW Australia

Return to Optimum Health I had the honor of experiencing the PODR NRG Field and colliodal silver, gold, minerals.  Within a few days of using the products I felt a heightened sense of energy, clearity and balance.  My mother, who has numerous health issues, had lots of additional energy as well in just a few days.  She normally gets very tired after doing a few tasks during the day and that was not the case while she was using the products.  I look forward to experiencing the long term effects when we are able to continue on with these incredible protocols.  I’m grateful to Stuart and PODR for assisting myself and my family to returning back to our optimum health.

DJW – Oakland, California, USA

Severe Pneumonia Resolved I was fortunate in finding “Path of Divine Restoration”. Suffering severe Pneumonia, I had taken four (4) full courses of an antibiotic over a four week period, with no easing of the symptoms. I under went a 15 minute session in the PODR Lightseeding NRG field. Following this up with around 20mls each of PODR colloidal Silver, PODR Gold and Minerals per day. I also consumed 1.5 lires of PODR NRG water that was charged in the field. It has 84 essential and trace minerals within it. My health improved within 7 days of commencing the treatment, allowing me to return to work. I have continued to take these products daily over the last eight months and my general health has been optimized as a result. I recommend Path of Divine Restoration to all my peers to not only cure but also prevent illness while optimizing health.

LT – Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

Metastasized prostate cancer I’ve been treating my own prostate issues trying to keep on top of it naturally for a decade. I’ve been able to keep it in check up until the last year, but now i can’t obtain the natural substances from overseas that i was using to keep cancer in check. i was noticing my prostate health go south pretty rapidly over the last year and went to the doctor who recommended doing a PSA test, which I did and ended up showing a reading of around 260 which I was told was extremely high resulting in the prostate cancer spreading to the bone. Xrays confirmed this. I’m in my late eighties and i think in generally good health. I still have things I’d like to get done before leaving this planet so Chemo or radiation therapy were at the bottom of my list. Seen too many good people go downhill fast on that poisonous therapy path. Especially at my age! That’s a one way ticket to my maker.

I’d simply like to say over a 12 week period from starting the Sacramental Lightseeding protocols (I’m not a Religious man at all) I have had some miraculous results.  I went back to the doctor who retested my PSA and what first sounded like he said my count was now 3 which would have been amazing, actually turned out to be .3   He was amazed and surprised by the turn around but said very little as the hormone blockers they had me on have no history of such reversals.

Stuart just set me up with all i needed to know and do for 12 weeks and i did it myself. I cannot say i was perfect with staying on track with the PODR mineral supplements, but i was in the NRG field 5 days per week ,10-15 mins per session (more than the 3x a week i was recommended) and drank as much possible of the Cell Power water.

AG – Coffs Coast, NSW Australia

Virtual “Out of Body” Experience I would like to begin by saying that I have no outstanding health issues that I know of but was offered the opportunity of receiving the colloidal gold and silver for 13 days and one 15 minute session in the PODR NRG Field before leaving Australia.  It was an enlightening experience.  I was placed in the field expecting no more than the usual feeling I receive when practicing Reiki.  At the beginning of the session my feet started to vibratewhich is normal for a Reiki session, so I was quite pleased with this result.  Then the subtle vibration started to move up my entire body until my crown chakra opened up and then my 3rd eye chakra opened.  Now, I was getting excited about what was possible with this therapy.

About halfway through the session my entire body went into a heightened level of vibrational energy it was incredibly liberating and my spirit was soaring.  While I felt in total control, this brought me on the threshold of an out-of-body experience.  I simply cannot wait until I can sit in the field again.  It left me with the aftereffect similar to a meditation and massage session in one.  My body and mind was calm, relaxed and a wonderful vibrational hum left me feeling happy and content.  And I cannot say enough about the practitioner, Stuart Jemesen. He is warm, friendly, informative, and made me feel secure about the therapy I was receiving.

Lisa B. Longmont – Colorado USA

Aligning Both Hemispheres In August 2008 I was fortunate enough to experience an experiential demonstration of the PODR NRG field in Pacific Palisades California. Immediately once the field was released i could feel an immediate tingling all over and a calming and centering of my mind. The best way to explain it is, “Like an Aligning of the left and right hemispheres of the brain”. I was very much in the  moment of now and taken into a deep form of ecstatic meditation. After 15 minutes in the field I was extemely calm, relaxed and felt like i had been meditating for a prolonged period of time.  I’ve since worked successfully (using this technology) with patients in my own clinic in the area of pain and stress relief as an adjunctive treatment for various cancers.

Dr. H . S –  Venice Beach, LA California

Profoundly Life Changing! I have been working on my health for quite some time now as I suffered a huge burn out in my late thirties from stress. Over the years, I have researched a large number of the modalities available for self healing and I have tried many of them with only average results. It can be very disappointing to put so much effort in and feel you are not getting anywhere, not to mention the expense. I was extremely lucky to meet Stuart and discover the PODR NRG field and all the data made sense to me so I went ahead and acquired the NRG field to use at home. It was exciting as I had a really strong positive feeling about this system.

I did the swab testing and got a truly dismal health report back, which was very depressing, and even though I suspected for some time i was not well, now i knew my health was longevity were certainly now a serious issue. I had suspected as such.  I am glad to have had that assessment when I did, as who knows what would have happened to me later on had I not gotten confirmation of the reality of my poor health. I started using the PODR NRG field for 15 mins every other day and taking the minerals and other supplements provided, including the PODR water. At first my energy would swing up and down but eventually it leveled out. I was detoxing quite heavily and it was certainly not pleasant but it was tolerable, so I just stuck with it. Having detoxed many times before, I knew I would eventually get to a better point once the toxins were out of my body. The most noticeable thing was the level of emotional toxicity that I was releasing as well as physical stuff. It was hard at first because there was so much old stuff coming up but I figured there was no turning back anyway so I just kept going. I knew I had no other choice.

After four months of sticking to the healing program I did another test and the results were unbelievable. I thought that either the test hadn’t worked properly or they had given me somebody else’s results by mistake. I had gone from the worst possible score in all bodily systems to 100% clear of problems in about 95% of my body. I started to get my energy back and my life started to turn around significantly due to feeling well again and being able to function normally. I can’t imagine what I would have done without this gift of healing. I don’t know of any other healing program that is this effective and profoundly life changing.

C. F –  Sydney, NSW Australia

Great Results and Big Thanks I have used the PODR “NRG” Field for several  months now. Before that time I had a severe pain in the Gall Bladder and right side of stomach/colon area. I also had great discomfort in my low back and kness from years of arthritis pain. After using this PODR “NRG” field for about 10 or so minutes a day, I do not have any of the problems now and am finding it easier to walk. I am thankful to Stuart and his insights in helping me through this difficult time and sharing his health and welfare guidance.

D.Jackson – Aliso Viejo, California

Prostate Cancer Resolved Gently Thankfully I was introduced to Stuart a year ago by a friend in California shortly after I had been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer and was suffering the after effects of a biopsy. I was on the verge of making a decision after a number of opinions from specialists whether to pursue a traditional route of the various surgical or radiation treatment options. I was learning quickly of the risks and side effects of all these options and was confused as to what was the best solution, as my urologist had told me with prostate cancer it was my choice. What choice?

Stuart quickly enlightened me to the fact that there are natural, non-invasive alternative treatments and if I was prepared to make some changes to my diet and lifestyle you will have no worries, and you will be fine mate! My initial step was a Body Function Analysis (BFA) taken from oral swabs which identified many more (Core & Root) intoxications in my body than just the prostate cancer. I was then introduced to the NRG energy field and the whole Lightseeding process of re-hydration and re-mineralisation.

For the next 90 days I followed Stuarts protocol of strict diet, mineral supplements, using the machine 15 minutes a day and ensuring I exercised regularly and kept myself well hydrated with water charged in the NRG field. Within 6 weeks my PSA had dropped by 50% and since then has been constantly under normal safe levels.  Two subsequent BFA tests have shown a dramatic improvement in ridding my body of various toxins, bacteria and the cancer. Now exactly 12 months down the track I continue to use the NRG machine twice a week and take a reduced number of supplements and have never felt better or stronger. As an additional precaution I have also had a 3-D ultrasound scan and was advised that the tiny cancer tumor had shrunk to virtually invisible.

It is also worth mentioning that when I first met Stuart I was taking medication for hypertension and also was not sleeping well. Both of these were a thing of the past as soon as I started the Lightseeding protocol.  So the short of it is that I am a convert and will continue to use the NRG energy field and take various natural supplements as advised by Dr Stu! Why wouldn’t I given the options I recieved from my GP were poisonous toxic radiation and removal of my prosate.

E.K – Litchfield, Connecticut  USA

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