Full Spectrum Health

Orthodox medical science has been relatively successful in the last fifty to sixty years in overcoming many acute disorders. They have, however, made little headway in dispelling chronic disease. Although some of the symptoms of these disorders may be relieved by drugs, at least temporarily, little curative help is offered for these increasingly common disorders. The usual chronic condition must be overcome from within, not from without. The general energetic method most useful is that which stimulates and revitalizes the body repair mechanisms so that the innate system can overcome the chronic ailment on it’s own.

We are ALL born with this ability, but first accepting often “we don’t know what we don’t know” opens us to a fresh way of remembering what is fact!. We all possess the potential healing power to Naturally co-create our own Wellness.  The energy that heals us, is the very same power that gave us life. It’s a gentle process.  We have forgotten that all Healing happens when we create an environment where the essence of the ALL simply takes over from within and divine will can naturally co-create healing within your own or anothers’ personal bio-terrain.

In order to restore wellness in individuals we personalise a treatment from any or all of the following:


1. Firstly Hematron Holistic diagnostic is performed on clients to determine core root issues. The Clients home and work environment is investigated if need be to find and correct any factors that may be causing allergies or other conditions.

2. Use of our Helios Rejuvenator– a non invasive, full spectrum ultra violet light device, used either sublingually or in water, to eliminate harmful anaerobic  bacteria or virus present in the body and ignite processes such as the Krebs cycle within the innate systems.

3.NRG Field (Nucleic Resonance Generator) treatments are given to Holistically stimulate and reconnect parts of the internal bio-terrain that have become sluggish, inactive and disconnected and thereby may have become dis-eased. The NRG field helps to promote a healthier cellular vibration and energetic state of mind and body.

4.Nutritional states are addressed to determine what changes may need to occur so as not to exacerbate current conditions. Regularly cold press Juicing of greens and other suggested vegetables and fruits will become a regular part of ones regime. In addition we supply our preferred colloidal products to nutritionally re-balance and re-mineralise the body.

5. Mindfulness. Every effort is made to establish a constructive, optimistic mental and emotional attitude. We believe in promoting a positive head space to help maximise positive vibrations. Also we aim to help re-imprint out dated and non constructive though patterns and behaviours.

If we can gently stimulate the internal bio-terrain to aid in restoration and rejuvenation, the body can gradually direct it’s activity toward usual normal function.

Rejuvenating the Immune, Endocrine, Circulatory and Nervous System in such a gentle non-intrusive and Holistic fashion can not be underestimated and is a powerful form of re-establishing integrity of communications and health within the body.

Lightseeding is simple re-mineralisation, re-hydration and Holistic cellular rejuvenation of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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