The prophetic times upon us have been spoken of for many millennia by our Ancestors, all  who were acutely aware of many things we have long forgotten and that have long ago been stopped in practice. The bricks and mortar parts of our existence are but one very small and limiting aspect of our being. Our multidimensional  higher selves have long been distracted by the myriads of force fed deception and are currently bombarded everyday with immense man made toxins, not only affecting the physical self and limiting our perception of honest reality, but these toxins also come in the form of electromagnetic poisons that deeply disturb the core of our co-creation selves.

For those who have been on the path of honest illumination and awakening, Time is close for the final Light, Color and Electric power of our cosmic creation to download the potent insights to the ALL of which we are are born, exist within for a time like a crashing, bubbling, whitewash from a powerful wave – Then once calmed, return to the ALL like the shape-shifting essence of soul we are .

For all of us it has been a ride and will continue to be challenging, but for those who do not believe or have not been doing the internal work in preparation for this long awaited time, it may get additionally rough to assimilate into the new energies and revitalized systems Being built completely free and clear of the redundant, corrupted and rapidly crumbling old paradigm.

Exciting times await us all in the months and years ahead, but do not wait to begin living from the heart intelligence of Unconditional Loving, the 5D systems that are already created and strengthen every moment in spirit have simply been readied for their birthing into the New Light and Love Template of the futures’ Illuminated Human that can comprehend and accept our role within the Universe.