Monthly Archives: September 2014


Through the processes of LIGHTSEEDING and Infusing the Co-Creative essence of Light Vibration Into Matter (in this instance the Human  Body)  great Healing and rediscovery can be made available in ways that are not currently being realized in modern allopathic medicine.

We are all born out of Light and a division of cells that is all governed by Light and Electromagnetic vibrations at it’s core. All of life begins in the invisible realms of light spectrums that we mostly cannot see with the human eye, but is non-the-less scientifically and spiritually verifiable as fact. NO Bio Chemical messages can happen within the Universe, animal or plant world or the Human Body without firstly there being a Light and Electromagnetic essence  of the creator conducting the message(s) that bring life into matter.

When a Body is dis-eased and unwell the infusion of multi-spectrums of divine Light into the body is an imperative in reversing sickness. It raises the overall vibration, nucleic acids and bio-chemical dance within the internal bio-terrain bringing the WHOLE BODY closer to the  creator and rebooting the systems within that know exactly what to do, simply when a little essence of Light/Life is brought within.